What to do in Val di Rabbi

The Stelvio National Park

At the Visitor Center of the Stelvio National Park are organized by Rabbi, for groups of at least 10 people, nature outings to the accompaniment of the "Park Guide". 
Every Monday at 21.00 again at the Park Visitor Center, was presented the program with weekly projection of movies.

We organize weekly excursions to rediscover old traditions, customs and crafts of mountain people: a visit to the Venetian Sawmill, visit the Dairy Somrabbi to Play Nature (for children) and many other activities.

The "Molino Ruatti"

Guided visits to the Mill Ruatti, an old mill for grinding cereals and machinery running water that is at the entrance of the valley, in the village of  Pracorno.

Mountain refuges

In Val di Rabbi, there are two shelters, ll Dorigoni Refuge (2,437 m asl) is located in Val Saent and Edelweiss Hut Crow Lake (2,425 m asl). The two shelters offer food service and the possibility of overnight stay and are the ideal starting point for hikes on the tops surrounding.

The mountain huts

The mountain huts, ie pastures at high altitudes where the farmers bring the cows in the summer season are a destination for pleasant walks to do with the family, take the kids to see the animals 
of the farm. 
Some offer a restaurant service with typical products, products that you can also buy such as cheese, butter and raw milk.

Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is a sport and discipline of well-being easy to practice suitable for all people, is to walk fast holding sticks so to simulate the motion carried with the "stride" of skiing. 
This type of movement allows at the same time instead of doing less fatigue by increasing the energy expenditure due to the increased number of muscles used compared to regular jogging.

Nordic Walking Stelvio Park: paths properly prepared all inside of the Stelvio Park some of which start directly from the Stopover, with the possibility of walking in the middle of nature without the need of having to move in the car!

Rafting & extreme sports

Thrill seekers and 'exciting adventure can try rafting on the Noce River in Val di Sole, where there are centers that offer extreme sports Rafting. In addition to rafting in fact, you can experience the 'hydro speed, canyoning, tarzaning (canyoning dry) and other yet.

Mountain Bike

As for the Nordic Walking, also for lovers of two wheels trails abound for have fun and ride through the park. A varied amount of narrow mountain climbeverywhere, and lead to the pastures in hilly portion that may extend beyond 1000 meters. 
For those who prefer the outputs quieter and less demanding gradients, it is recommended that the track path that runs through the Val di Sole along long stretches of the Noce River.